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On a Slightly Cloudy Day

On a slightly cloudy day some months back,  I decided to try out my new Fish eye camera lens. However, the really cool part about my lens is that it’s a small clip-on lens for my phone! (Insert happy squeals 🙂 ) It also comes along with a wide angle lens that I can’t understand… Continue reading On a Slightly Cloudy Day

NaBloPoMo 2014

My School’s Jamboree

So today my school, Clarence High school, held a Jamboree (Carnival). This was its second event in a series of the things they are doing to commemorate the 100th anniversary of my school’s existence 🙂 Although it says “High School” In the name, my school is actually an elevator school (I think that’s the name… Continue reading My School’s Jamboree

Pick Me Up Sundays

Pick Me Up Sunday 4

Hi again 🙂 and welcome to another edition of Pick Me Up Sundays! It rained here last night. Poured actually. Too bad that for the last few days, it’s always been raining in the night while I’m asleep… Only once did it rain early evening while I was still in College/University. Still, I just love… Continue reading Pick Me Up Sunday 4