Remembering Christina Grimmie

Firstly, if you don’t know who Christina Grimmie is, here’s a link for you to do some background reading. In short, she was a 22 year old super – famous Singer YouTuber who was died in June 2016 rather tragically.

When I first heard about what had happened, I sympathized. But it was only yesterday when I truly realized who she was. Continue reading “Remembering Christina Grimmie”

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Tis the season to be jolly

I’ve been seeing quite a few pensive posts lately about how people can’t get into that “holiday spirit” of laughter, being extra happy, social, etc. To that extent, I too am not in the holiday spirit.

What I am feeling is the “Christmas spirit” and I think there in lies the problem/solution/difference. Continue reading “Merry Christmas Everyone”

[Blogging 101]

Lost in culture- Day 9 [Blogging 101]

Write a post inspired by a comment written yesterday. I commented on a post about Jamaican proverbs and it brought upon one single thought… I can’t think of any Indian proverbs…

The post by Karen Taylor on Rosegardens and Thorns quizzed and spoke about 5 Jamaican proverbs in the native language. This was an extremely interesting post as I got an peek into the Jamaican life which I had never before heard about. It then made me want to write about some similar Indian proverbs but I couldn’t think of any…

I wonder if this is the reason but I (think I) belong to the generation of Westernized Indians. Continue reading “Lost in culture- Day 9 [Blogging 101]”

[Blogging 101]

Day 6 and the About Page [Blogging 101]

I like my About Page…

I don’t think I can edit anymore (I’ve already done so a few time). I’ve heard that one’s about page changes over time to reflect the person who is constantly changing (I paraphrased) and I get that. Which is why I think that for now, this is fine.

What do you think?