“Eyes, Nose, Lips” By Taeyang

Imagine my surprise when one of my favourite songs gets released in one of my favourite languages ^^

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Tis the season to be jolly

I’ve been seeing quite a few pensive posts lately about how people can’t get into that “holiday spirit” of laughter, being extra happy, social, etc. To that extent, I too am not in the holiday spirit.

What I am feeling is the “Christmas spirit” and I think there in lies the problem/solution/difference. Continue reading “Merry Christmas Everyone”

Do It Yourself (DIY) · NaBloPoMo 2014

Diamond Bracelet – How To

Here’s my latest loom bracelet!


This video tutorial by SoCraftastic is amazing!

It’s pretty easy actually. It only took about half an hour to make it including the time it took to watch and pause the video at every stage.

I made this bracelet for a friend

Multicolored Diamond Loom Bracelet