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5 Free PicMonkey Alternatives to Design Your Featured Image

Hi there. Now I know PicMonkey is one of the most popular photo editors out there and for good reason. But today when I went over there to try it out, I realized something. It only has a paid version. Uhhh… what? I always knew that there was a paid version with lots of features… Continue reading 5 Free PicMonkey Alternatives to Design Your Featured Image

Do It Yourself (DIY) · NaBloPoMo 2014

Diamond Bracelet – How To

Here’s my latest loom bracelet!


This video tutorial by SoCraftastic is amazing!

It’s pretty easy actually. It only took about half an hour to make it including the time it took to watch and pause the video at every stage.

I made this bracelet for a friend

Multicolored Diamond Loom Bracelet


Do It Yourself (DIY) · NaBloPoMo 2014

The Crochet Crowd | Crochet Tutorials

One of my favorite hobbies is crocheting. Now I don’t have an actual teacher or anything. I didn’t go for any classes either. Almost everything I know of crochet has been learnt on YouTube. I’ve also learnt a lot from a friend of mine who has been crocheting for years. She’s sort of my “go to” person whenever I need help with a pattern…

There are so many channels and tutorials on Youtube dedicated to teaching crochet. One of my favorites is The Crochet Crowd (website link) hosted by Mikey. Whenever I need a tutorial, I first check if Mikey has posted one on his Youtube channel Mikey’s Mail. I find his tutorials to be the best because of the simple way in which he teaches. I understand the things he teaches really easily. Another thing I like is that when following a pattern, he displays each row of the pattern at the bottom of the screen for the viewer to follow along.  The Crochet Crowd has also tied up with Red Heart (yarn producer) and uses their yarn and free crochet patterns in his videos.

I don’t remember the first tutorial I watched of his but it was a basic stitch. I think it was the Double Crochet stitch… not too sure though.

I keep finding patterns that look so easy and nice and pretty…. It’s caused a sort of traffic jam in my mind… Every time I decide on a pattern to make, I find another one that makes me change my mind. Thank you Pinterest. Continue reading “The Crochet Crowd | Crochet Tutorials”