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5 Free PicMonkey Alternatives to Design Your Featured Image

Hi there.

Now I know PicMonkey is one of the most popular photo editors out there and for good reason. But today when I went over there to try it out, I realized something. It only has a paid version.

Uhhh… what?

I always knew that there was a paid version with lots of features but I always thought there was a free version that allowed some basic usage…………. Guess not.

Now that may not be a problem for some, but I’m the type who doesn’t like spending money very often. Except if it’s for books (and that’s a whole other topic of discussion). So in my quest (Google search) to find other free photo editors online, here’s what I found.

Photo Mania (website)

Good: Filter Effects, frames

Bad: Text Editor, Text Editor features

Note: This is useful if you want to add some nice filters. I uploaded the picture I edited here into another photo editor for the text part. It was a bit of a round about way to do it, but I got the result in the end.

PiZap (website)

Good: Hand writing Text overlay effect (called Old Letter)

Bad: Text editor (It has a nice Text Glow option though), limited Font Selection

Note: To be fair, I was using the Beta version which is good and has room for improvement and I didn’t try out the Designer tool. I used Pizap to design the 2nd image in this post.

Fotor (website)


  • User Interface,
  • Collage maker,
  • Text Editor & Font selection,
  • Backgrounds,
  • their Designer tool is pretty fun to use for both beginners and experienced designers.


  • Initial page loading time is about 5 – 10 seconds longer than most pages,
  • Text Editor doesn’t have a drop shadow feature which is something I ALWAYS use. I overcame the drop shadow issue by making a clone of my text box, changing the font to black colour and then aligning it (using the arrow buttons) almost behind my actual font in order to give the shadowed effect. I made this collage here.
  • They have a feature called GoArt in which you can convert any picture to look like a piece of art. Literally. I tried it out and didn’t really like the selection but it has some nice options if that’s the look you’re going for.
I also tried my hand at a little designing on Fotor

Be Funky (website)


  • It’s quite easy to toggle between Photo Editor and Designer from the top right corner.
  • The Designer has templates which are quite easy to use and edit.
  • THE TEXT EDITOR! By now you may have realized that I’m very picky about the text editors. This one is by far the best. Thank Gosh!!!


  • Limited (free) template selection although the ones available are quite nice.
  • There should be more free stuff available because I really like this website :p

Note: I made the featured image for this post using BeFunky and I think it came out pretty nicely. I also made the featured image for this post on lyric videos.

Overlay (Android App)


  • It has an easy user interface
  • The overlays, frames and stickers are extremely well designed to fit all moods
  • I haven’t tried the Text Editor yet because I only used some of their quote stickers but based on how the app has worked so far, I don’t foresee any issues with it.


It has a store and some paid features which makes things kinda Blah but, oh well.

Note: Additionally however, the Store does have a feature where instead of paying to unlock a pack of designs, you can watch a video and unlock it for a day. I haven’t tried it out yet but I think that’s a great idea.


So there you; 5 free alternatives if you don’t want to pay for PicMonkey or any other Photo Editor / designer.

Let me know if use use any of these websites or if you use another to Edit your pictures.

Until next time,








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