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Japan! I have no words for you!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Once again, for emphasis… OH! MY! GOSH!

I.. went… to  JAPAN!! (Will there be no end to the exclamation points?! Probably not.)

When? Last month! Today is actually the one month mark (thought it would be nice to publish this post today 🙂 )

For how long? 9 whole daysssss!

Why? I applied for a program and I got in!

Ok, enough suspense; now for the details.

An Overview:

In August, I applied for JENESYS (Japan East-Asian Network of Exchange of Students and Youths); a program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE). This was an international exchange program where 22 people from India (mainly Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi) traveled to Japan on an all – expense paid trip for 9 days. In Bangalore, the IJCCI (Indo Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry) took care of all the formalities like participant selection and handling the interviews.

The trip took place from Sept 26 to Oct 4, 2016. This is not counting the entire day it took in transit on the 25th to reach Japan on the 26th. 7 participants traveled from Bangalore and met up with the Travel Agent and the remaining participants from Delhi. We took an evening flight on JAL (Japan Airlines) and after eight and a half hours, and surprisingly not that much anxiety, we reached Tokyo!

Now I’ve dreamed of traveling to Japan most of my teenage and adult life. But up till then, the experience did not feel entirely real. Even though I researched the weather, spoke to so many people about the trip, shopped for the trip, etc, etc…. when I exited the airplane and entered Narita Airport and saw the signboards in Japanese, that was the moment it truly hit me.

I was in Japan.

(Hover on the picture to see the captions :))

All the countries gathered in Tokyo city for the first and last part of the program. For the middle section, each country had a theme around which their program was based. Each theme was designed to show people one aspect of Japan’s culture, society, economy and tradition that was related to their country. For India, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia, the theme was Transportation.

I’ll write a few more posts on

  • what we did,
  • where we stayed
  • and how awesome Japan looked from the lovely morning sun to midnight walks through the city.
On September 25, 2016, I went on a 9 day trip to Japan. On October 5, I came back changed and I will never be the same again.

With much love,



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