“Eyes, Nose, Lips” By Taeyang

Here’s a really nice song I heard. The title’s really strange isn’t it? Unfortunately because of the language barrier, this is a common occurance.

I really like the videography and the acting. The emotion comes across well even though I can’t understand the language.

The sad part is that it’s in Korean though. It’s isn’t that I don’t like the language – I listen to Korean songs sometimes… I sang along and tried to learn the lyrics but Korean isn’t really my thing….it’s too confusing… So imagine my happy surprise when I was searching for Japanese music and this pops up but in Japanese!  It’s even by the same artist (just with a different song name)!

And just when I decided to wait for Taeyang to record an English version, I realized that another Korean artist did it first! Thank you (x3)!

My Gosh! It was one surprise after the other! This wasn’t all in the same day by the way… I listened to the Japanese version a few times everyday before the English was discovered. All in all, I really like the fact that Taeyang published these two versions. It definitely made me like him a little more 😛

What did you think of the songs? Please let me know below! Which one was your favourite?



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