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Merry Christmas Everyone

Tis the season to be jolly

I’ve been seeing quite a few pensive posts lately about how people can’t get into that “holiday spirit” of laughter, being extra happy, social, etc. To that extent, I too am not in the holiday spirit.

What I am feeling is the “Christmas spirit” and I think there in lies the problem/solution/difference.

When one is in the “holiday spirit”, one feels the need to go to lots of Christmas parties, deck the halls of your house, buy lots of gifts, sing lots of carols, blah blah blah.

Now I’m not saying don’t do those things. I too decorated my house; I’m singing carols and I went for a Christmas party. But Christmas is a lot more than that.

Christmas is the time when God became human, lived a human life and died a horrible human death for us. So that every soul, past, present and future, is saved. There is no more death, only life. There is no human more fragile than a baby and no house poorer than a stable. Yet God chose to be born there as a baby.

Yes I understand that this only applies to Catholics and Christians but in an effort to be more “secular”, we too have forgotten the Christ in Christmas. How many people wish “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”? Christmas and the season is more than the consumerist life that advertisement has given us.

(Wow, this sorta turned into a rant…sorry)

The reason for the season

This Christmas season let’s make a few changes in our life…

  • Let’s wish people a Merry Christmas instead of the boring “Happy Holidays” even if they don’t celebrate Christmas.
  • Let’s type “Christmas” instead of “X’mas”
  • When listening to carols, listen to songs like Silent Night, Oh Holy Night, Mary’s Boy Child and not just Jingle Bell Rock and Let it Snow. Think on the lyrics and what they really mean.
  • Go caroling if your can and spread Christmas cheer. There’s nothing that works better to get me in the mood than Christmas carols.
  • End the season with a good ol’ Christmas mass.

I think these a just a few ways to help us all get into the Christmas spirit. Enjoy yourselves. Be merry. But make Christmas a little different this year.

I wish that the peace and joy of Jesus Christ is in your hearts not just now but from now on. Merry Christmas Everyone

Here is one of my favourite Christmas carols



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