Happiness · NaBloPoMo 2014

By Hand

This is in response to today’s Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.

What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special.

This is an interesting but hard question to answer….I don’t usually receive hand made gifts but I’ve gotten a few nice ones over the years. I’ve received

  • My grandmother made me knitted booties when I was a baby,
  • My friend made me a hand made card. She also made me these beautiful earrings some months back.
  • Her sister baked me a birthday cake for my 20th birthday 😀
  • My best friends made a collage and video of photos of us together
  • My mom and grandmother make all the food for my birthday parties every year 😀 cake, snacks, sandwiches, pizza…. I think the only things bought are the chips and juice.

I’m sure there are more locked up inside my brain but I can’t remember them too well….

Special-ness….I guess the obvious is that all these gifts have come from people who care about me and took the time to make them for me. I love, love, love them all (the people; not just the gifts)






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