NaBloPoMo 2014

Colour Splash Effect | Photoshop

I started learning how to use different aspects of Photoshop a few years back and I’ve decided to develop my skills some more.

The tutorial I am going to share today is called the Colour Splash Effect. I felt like doing this as soon as I saw the cover picture for the video.

Here is the tutorial I found for this effect.

And here are the pictures I edited.

I tried to go for a ‘black and white streams turning into colour’ sort of effect though it didn’t turn out too nicely…

Original image by Lars Kehrel (Flickr)

This obviously turned out a lot better. I didn’t do the second half of the video (adding effects to the image and layer mask). I like how the oranges reflect onto the apple something I didn’t notice until I isolated the apple πŸ™‚

Original image by Kwaku Alston for Nikon

My findings: The technique in itself is relatively easy though it will become harder depending on the picture you choose. As far as I have realized, cleaner edges = easier/faster work. It also took longer than I expected to clean up the edges.

Let me know if you try out this tutorial πŸ™‚



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