NaBloPoMo 2014

My 10 Favourite Phone Apps

I use my phone a lot. It is always filled with as many apps as it can hold. As such, I have many apps that I like and can’t bare to delete from my phone. Here are my favourites but not in this order.

Some apps on my phone

  1. Pinterest

    If you haven’t heard of Pinterest…. you should click on the link and check it out. It is my favourite form of social media. I like it so much more than Facebook. (the irony – I have a Blogenture page on Facebook but not on Pinterest)

  2. Whatsapp

    I don’t think this needs any introduction. I can send pictures, videos and contacts!

  1. RadioTunes

    I really like this app because it has so many genres of music. It’s has a web page too as I wrote here. There are many channels I listen to when I am studying or sleeping.

  2. Pocket

    This app has helped me out so so so sooooo many times. Pocket is an app where you can save web pages to read later/offline. I’ve used it so many times to save pages that I have to write notes from for college. I even used it to save the pages I needed to prepare for a debate once. I even save recipes and crochet patterns on it. It used to be called “Read It Later”.

  3. #SquareDroid

    This simple app basically helps you make a picture into a square shape without having to crop it! (Hint! Instagram! )

  4. WordPress

    This app does deserve a mention as it has helped me post many times when I couldn’t access my laptop. I do find it easier to type out posts on the laptop but the app helps me share pictures and videos without having to transfer them to the laptop first.

  5. Subway Surfer

    You’ve heard of this game right? This game was the first (smartphone) game that I obsessed with. I would play it so many times everyday. I had uninstall it a while back but I got it back recently. Distance made my heart grow fonder 🙂

  6. Birthdays

    I love this app. I really do. It is one of the best and most easiest to use birthday reminder app. Here is the link to it.

  7. SoundHound

    Soundhound is an ingenious app that recognizes songs played into the phone speaker. It sometimes has problems recognising Korean songs but I usually have no problem for Japanese and English songs.

  8. Duolingo

    Duolingo is an amazing app (best for last) that has transformed the language learning process. It teaches you the language of your choice in the form of a game. Grammar and vocabulary are taught in levels. Mistakes cost lives (hearts) and stars and points are earned when you finish each level. In addition, as it teaches you the language, it gives real life practice as you help the app translate the World Wide Web. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. It just asks you to translate a sentence. You can also compare your translation with what others have submitted along with earning points every time you translate a sentence. It’s available both as a website and as an app.

If you want any more info on these apps, please let me know. Let me know if you download any of these apps.



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