NaBloPoMo 2014

My School’s Jamboree

So today my school, Clarence High school, held a Jamboree (Carnival). This was its second event in a series of the things they are doing to commemorate the 100th anniversary of my school’s existence 🙂

Although it says “High School” In the name, my school is actually an elevator school (I think that’s the name for it) as are all (I think) other schools in India. An elevator school is one that teaches students right from Kindergarten to 12th Standard (final year of high school).

Each class put up a stall selling something or the other. Most had food but some had games as well. Students also put up history, science, environment and language exhibitions. I took pictures of one of the exhibitions I visited. These were made by classes 3 to 5. The talent the kids showed in making this is just wonderful. I wonder how much time went into making them…. Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂







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