NaBloPoMo 2014

Loom Bands Soon To Be Made


Have You heard of loom bands? They’re really cool rubber band ( basically) that can be used to make a huge variety of accessories, key chains, charms, etc. They’re mainly for kids as far as I know but I think I saw an older teen make something with them on YouTube once. Hmmm….Plus, I like them and don’t mind using them even if they are only “meant for kids” (much to the disbelief and “amusement”) of others.

● I bought this yesterday for Rs 350 ( pretty decent price I thought).
● Good quality bands and loom.

● Only TWO bracelet charms given and they’re not even nice.
● Instead of giving packets of 6 colors of bands, I wish they would have given a selection of multi colored bands….

I’ll post a tutorial soon on a really easy bracelet my friend made for me. In the mean time,  you can always use YouTube as your reference if you don’t want to wait for my tutorial. Just type in “loom bands” and you’ll get hundreds of hits.




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