NaBloPoMo 2014

Ready to NaBloPoMo?

NaBloPoMo started yesterday! Whooooo!!! I’m taking part for the first time ever and I am PSYCHED!

NaBloPoMo for those that do not know, is National Blog Posting Month! You can see the Badge here on the top right hand side of my blog. Started by Eden Kennedy in 2006 as a response to the global phenomenon that is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), NaBloPoMo grew into an amazing global communal project/challenge. It is the “epicenter of daily blogging” as someone once said as participants challenge themselves to publish a blog post every single day of November. You can check out more on BlogHer’s official site.

Bloggers can write on anything and everything as long as they do it everyday. There is no theme but BlogHer does release 30 prompts in advance to help you brainstorm some ideas if you need them. BlogHer has been the official manager of NaBloPoMo since 2011. They also hold monthly daily blogging challenges with themes but November is the ORIGINAL NaMo! Last year, but I’m not sure about this year, BlogHer gave another badge to everyone completed the challenge of posting everyday. I want that badge.

I first heard about this Challenge on a participant’s blog last year. The idea of starting a blog was still fresh in my mind and I decided I would do in the next year (in 2014). Funnily enough, I completely forget about it until The Daily Post sent out a mail informing/reminding bloggers about the event. I immediately decided to do it but was a bit confused as I didn’t think the instructions were entirely clear. Maybe they were implied but I didn’t no anything about it as a newbie…

All you (and I) have to do to enroll in NaBloPoMo is,

  1. Add your name to the official blogroll. I think you can do it even without adding your name but this way gains you more exposure.
  2. Add the badge to your blog as I have done. You can also add the badge to each post if you want.
  3. Check out The Daily Post’s Survival Guide to daily blogging (optional but recommended).
  4. Post everyday (you can make use of their writing prompts). The main point of this challenge is to blog daily.
  5. Cross post onto the NaBloPoMo page. You’ll need to create a free user account on BlogHer in order to post on the NaBloPoMo page. You can also add all your daily links to this page and you don’t need an id for this. This was not explained clearly and it took me unnecessarily long to figure out.
  6. Check out other bloggers and cheer them on. There can never be too much encouragement.

Note: The points in the above list are ordered as per my preference. You can do it in this order or another if you feel like but don’t forget any of the steps…I think they are all important.

Taking part in NaBloPoMo is a wonderful way to test your discipline and creativity as it is not easy to post everyday. I know some of the links I provided are repetitive but they all lead to the same things – the official page that explains (alomst) everything. You don’t only have to write though. You can post pictures, galleries, videos, songs…anything actually as long as it is daily. Let me know if you are taking part in any NaMo this November and I’ll check out your posts.

All the best!



8 thoughts on “Ready to NaBloPoMo?”

  1. Hello I am doing this challenge for the first time and found you throught he blog her page as i try to visit 10 blogs each time i post. I am so glad you put down about what to do as i was finding it very confusing. i did create an account with them and I put my post link down on the entry form each day but in this part you put

    Cross post onto the NaBloPoMo page.

    Is that in addition to putting your post link on to the form for daily posts? If so I am not sure what one is meant to do with this, i just see the blog her page with her posts on, or do you mean that is the url I should be putting on my own posts? Sorry for being confused, like you say they don’t really tell you very concisely what to do xxx


    1. You can cross post on top blogher in two ways
      1…add the link to your post everyday and comment below
      2…after making an id, follow the instructions and click on “create a post”. Write a new post introducing what you have written that day and add the link to YOUR POST. Click save, add the Captcha letters and click save again to publish your post. Your post will then show up on the page along with the other NaMo posts.

      I do both steps everyday as that increases the number of people who see my post. Hope this helps 🙂

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          1. oh i am following you now for sure, i havn’t had a chance to make a post on blog her yet, i have some backdating to do lol they m ight get sick of me. Do you find writing a post helps? What about images etc, can we post those on the posts? Shows I need to look ati t x


            1. Than You very much ^^ im not sure if it helps because I’m doing this for the first time as well. But they say they do. Plus it makes sense that more people will c it on the main nablopomo page. You can add images when you post on blogher. I haven’t done it myself but I’ve seen the option.

              Liked by 1 person

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