Pick Me Up Sundays

Pick Me Up Sunday 4

Hi again 🙂 and welcome to another edition of Pick Me Up Sundays!

It rained here last night. Poured actually. Too bad that for the last few days, it’s always been raining in the night while I’m asleep… Only once did it rain early evening while I was still in College/University. Still, I just love it when it rains! The sky looks beautiful (dark yes, but still beautiful). I also love the smell of the world immediately after it rains. So imagine my surprise when I found these lovely rainy quotes!

I searched for a few more related pins so that I wouldn’t have to just put up one picture quote.

A personal favourite because I feel the same way….

And that’s where you’ll find me…

Do you love it when it rains or do you hate? What is your favourite part about the rainy season? Let me know in a comment below.



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