Ready, Set, Done! 1

Blogging excites me. i don’t know why. is it the fact that I am interacting with hundreds of bloggers and people through my posts? ok maybe not hundreds (yet) but there are certainly a lot more readers than I thought there would be…this is also the first time i have taken on a ‘writing’ endeavour…maybe the novelty adds to the excitement…

my blogging environment… hmmmm… I usually blog while i’m sitting on my bed. I read on my bed, study on my bed, blog on my bed and sometimes even sleep on it! Although if I haev to be honest, there are times (usually when I am in a major blog post writing binge (i’m writing a lot of posts at one shot) that typing on the bed gets a little annoying. It just does…. so then I have to get up and sit at the edge of my bed to be able to type properly..

this is actually suppossed to be a all at one shot kinda post without any re reading or editing but Im afraid that I already edited this post 5 times…. oops. I really did it witout thinking….I like english. It’s a nice language. which is why I always try to keep my grammar correct and everything. I’m also typing really fast right now. or at least faster than I ususally do. I don’t usually start sentences in lower case…I also capitalise the letter ‘I’ while writing unlike how it is above… I’m trying now to write fast while still keeping the spellings and all correct… It’s actually harder than I thought it would be. This “write for 10 minutes without re reasing and editing” etc….But it’s kinda nice. I’ll have to try itmore often.

Goal: to write for 10 minutes (urgh  my brsin just stopped working!). Ok. to write for 10 minutes without stopping to correct punctuatuion or re read what I just wrote and correct speeling and grammatucal mistakes.

P.s: my heart is dying a little looking at the horrible grammar above. I rarely have to edit my posts for incorrect sentences, grammar, etc….(sigh)

This ready, set, done post was inspired by this Daily Post prompt. I have the option to edit it after writing (and I will in the future) but I thought to try it, just this one time, with no editing. How’d you like it? Or do you think I should keep this un-filtered side of me to myself?


P.S again: I hate typing fast and not correcting my spellings T_T


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