{Blogging 201}

Being responsive – Day 3 {Blogging 201}

I found out what ‘responsive’ means a while back when I first started reading up about blogs and blogging and I’ve always made sure that no matter what theme I choose, it is responsive.

I kinda like that word. Responsive. It responds to the screen size of computers, tablets and mobiles. Kudos to whoever came up with the word. It has a very positive feel to it.

But another thing to consider… Mobiles and tabs have become so very common in this day and age that even a simple theme has to be to be responsive. For older designs, developers have to create a way for unresponsive themes to look nice no matter the size of the screen (enter specially made plugin).

The way the world has changed…

Anyway, as I was saying before the slightly deep moment/paragraph, I made sure that my theme (uhhhhhh what is my theme again? Oh ya – Sorbet!) shifts between screens. I don’t entirely like the view on a tab though. It’s fine but it would have been cool if the main width of the post was reduced a little. Is it just me or does it look a wee bit…..squashed…..? I do like the way the the sidebar gets shifted to the bottom when viewing on a mobile. I also like the top 4 menu buttons (it’s one of the main reasons I chose this theme 🙂 ).

Overall score of responsive design: 8/10




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