{Blogging 201}

Auditing my Brand – Day 2 {Blogging 201}

Today’s task for Blogging 201 was all about auditing your brand – blog – and finding the elements that, for whatever reason, did not work and fix them. Some of the things to look at are if the header and background match the look you are going for, personalize your widget names and comment prompts, add a Gravatar, add a tagline, etc.

This was a pretty fun exercise 🙂

One of the reasons it has taken me so long to write this post is because I spent the last few days auditing and changing a variety of features. I also couldn’t move on to the Day 3 task because it would be pointless if I did it with the old ‘look’. So I waited. Plus my exams started so I’m a tad busy…

Another reason I took this long is because I was making my own background in Photoshop! I came up with so many designs that it took a while to finally settle on this one. Do you like it?

I made quite a few changes to my blog? Can anyone guess all the changes I made?



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