{Blogging 201}

{Blogging 201} – Branding and Growth – Day 1

It’s back to school at Blogging U. The Blogging 201 course started today with a bang now that I a little of what to expect since I just completed the Blogging 101 course.

Since ‘101’ ended, I have…

  • changed my them (Do you like it?)
  • continued my Sunday Weekly feature – Pick Me Up Sundays

I have been so excited for ‘201’ to start! I started working on today’s task the minute I woke up!

Blog U. starts the students off by making them plan and write out their vision for their blog. They posed many questions like “Why are you blogging”, “What do you want do achieve”, etc. So here are the goals I have worked out for Blogenture for 6 months (approx).

  • I want Blogenture to have 150 followers by March, 2015.
  • I want to post 3 times per week (I’m thinking Sunday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • I want Blogenture to have a mixed readership in terms of gender and nationality. I also want the readers to have at least one interest/hobby in common with me (It’s ok if they don’t too).
  • I am going to start a Facebook Page for Blogenture and I want to reach 100 likes by the 2014 year end.
  • I want to guest post on two blogs in November and December 2014
  • I want some people (at least 2) to guest post on Blogenture in the next 3 months (Nov, Dec, Jan)

Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to go about fulfilling any of the above points, except for the second. Hopefully these doubts are cleared over the course of this course (;P).

Do you have any suggestions on the topic of guest blogging? Have you done it yourself?



3 thoughts on “{Blogging 201} – Branding and Growth – Day 1

  1. I haven’t done any guest blogging but its purported to be the number one way newbie bloggers can attract new readers. For it to work, you can look for bloggers seeking guest bloggers. Make sure these bloggers have a large following. After all its a marketing ploy for you, as their readers will be seeing your posts and will want to learn more about you, so also ask if you can use a byline or link to your site. This is usually in their blogging guidelines though, which you can read.

    Another common way is to find a successful blogger and pitch a guest post idea to them. If they have guidelines for guest posting, you can ask to see them. Or they may send you their guidelines if they look at your site and like what they see in terms of the quality of your blog. The best thing to do now is to make sure you have some solid posts that shows your best writing. Then scout around on WordPress Reader perhaps for bloggers who write about the same field you know or are interested in writing about, and are accepting guests posts. Then go from there.


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