Pick Me Up Sundays · [Blogging 101]

Pick Me Up Sundays – Day 20 [Blogging 101]

So for a new feature for my Blog, I have decide to start Pick Me Up Sundays.

This is the first time I’m starting a blog feature. I love quotes. I was planning to make a page of my favourite quotes but when this task came out, I decided to turn into a feature!

Every Sunday morning (my time is GMT +5.30 hours), I’m going to publish a picture (or text) quote that I find inspiring, funny or just plain uplifting. They will either be pictures or pins embedded from Pinterest. I hope that at the start of each week, you have a little happiness to carry you along during the bad times and good. This is my wish for you through the week.

I’ll post something like this?

or something like this

or like this

Look forward to it. I know I am!

What are your favorite quotes? Let me know via a comment below or contact me directly using the Contact Form.

See you Sunday!



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