[Blogging 101]

Marketing and PR – Day 16 [Blogging 101]

Writing content that will be read, no matter the topic, is one side of the Blogging coin. Marketing your blog and managing Public Relations (PR) is another. As is obvious with the coin analogy, one cannot exist without the other.

Digital Footprint!

However, a person can choose when they wish to start publicizing their blog. They can delay this step by however long they want; which is what I decided to do.

I have a habit of over thinking things. Even before I had created my blog or even come up with its name, I was browsing through themes and ‘Googling’ various writing prompts. I had been chastised for it but I knew it was important. I didn’t want to start my blog and then not know what to write about.

During my research, Grace at Texan In Tokyo (one of the blogs I follow), published a post on some things she (Grace) wished she knew before she had started blogging. One point stood out among the rest “Post at least 10 blog posts, some pictures, and some information on your Facebook Blog “Fan Page” before you start mass-inviting friends”

I feel like I missed out on a lot of free traffic because I mass invited friends to “like” my blog before I had even really set up a page…

This, coupled with what someone I know did (she blogged for years without telling many people about it. When she finally did, she had people constantly viewing her blog because she had so so many posts written though I don’t know if this was a deliberate move or not) has greatly impacted my Publicity strategy.

To me, these two things make complete sense! I get it! When I visit a blog, I always hope that there will be a lot for me to read so that I can get a grasp on whether or not I want to follow that person’s blog. This is also the reason why I am so so grateful for the people who followed my blog when I first started out and didn’t have many posts! Thank you!

From the two experiences quoted above, I realized that I didn’t want to make my blog too public (to people I know, Fb, etc) too soon. I know WordPress has that “send ping to Google” system and for now, that’s enough for me.

I decided not to set up the Publicity feature for Blogenture and I have not changed my mind. Yet.



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