[Blogging 101]

Daily Wisdom – Day 18 [Blogging 101]

The Daily Wisdom Event

Word of the Day: Broach

Definition: To bring up (a subject) for discussion or debate. To initiate.

Task: Write a post inspired by the word “Broach”.

I recently wrote a post about the perception people have towards reading. Some like it; others don’t. It’s as simple as that. Or is it? Reading books is a hobby, a habit, that parents have tried to inculcate in their children for a countless number of years. Sometimes it worked but other times it didn’t. A sad fact, actually…

To those that don’t read, why don’t you? Please tell me! (Although is there, or has there ever been, a writer/blogger, who does not like to read? As a friend, I have often broached the topic of reading to friends who simply do not pick up a book to read as a habit. I always get the same reply, “No Way!”

What’s a girl to do to convince people to read books? How does a girl find that one delicate genre of books that a person who doesn’t usually read books will like? Would not all these problems go away if the habit and joy of reading was shown to children thus making them avid readers later on? One leads/teaches by example. To make someone read a book, they must first see you reading a book.


Note: Here is the link to the Daily Wisdom event (http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/news/daily-wisdom/) by Sound Eagle. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom – Day 18 [Blogging 101]

  1. I believe it’s not just the act of reading but also the quality of the read. It’s frustrating and sad to see how tabloids and poorly-written rags have inserted themselves into the macro category of books. But you have a point. Action begets action so if more of us read, frequently and in plain sight, perhaps we can create a chain reaction 🙂

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    1. The tabloid part is true but writing is such a subjective art/style… I wonder if one can say that there is a good/bad way of writing… Although I do know the frustration you fell when someone messes up something that you like doing too. 😛 “Action begets action” is a nice phrase and an easy way of saying a lot 🙂 This chain reaction thing is an intriguing idea 🙂

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    2. SoundEagle agrees with Sheela on the undesirable impacts of “tabloids and poorly-written rags”.

      Hi Joanne Louzado, SoundEagle is delighted by your attempt to broach certain issue and its importance in the premise or declaration that “Reading books is a hobby, a habit” after writing “a post about the perception people have towards reading”. Your desire to reach out is admicable and is obvious to see in one of your paragraphs as follows:

      To those that don’t read, why don’t you? Please tell me! (Although is there, or has there ever been, a writer/blogger, who does not like to read? As a friend, I have oftenbroached the topic of reading to friends who simply do not pick up a book to read as a habit. I always get the same reply, “No Way!”

      SoundEagle is pleased that you have chosen Broach as the Word of the Day. Your contribution entitled “Daily Wisdom – Day 18 [Blogging 101]” reinterates one of the central concerns of many parents, teachers, educators and readers regarding the repurcussions of the waning interest and willingness that people harbour towards reading as well as writing, both in quantity and quality.

      It would be very illuminating if you could elaborate via a new post on what some people would deem to be difficult or even invalid, namely, the cultivation of quality reading and well-informed understanding of some of the most critical issues in the contemporary world.

      You are hereby granted permission to display the SoundEagle Daily Wisdom Award in a sidebar, widget, and/or a new or existing “Awards” page of your blog. Please kindly ensure that the image links to SoundEagle‘s Daily Wisdom event page to encourage other people to participate and learn about not just a new Word everyday but also a new Quote, Article, History, Birthday and News, which are changed and renewed every day at the Daily Wisdom event at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/daily-wisdom-word-quote-article-history-birthday-and-news/ and http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/news/daily-wisdom/.

      Happy October to you and well done!


  2. I know those of us who love to read find it hard to believe there could exist a breed of people called non-readers it does happen. I grew up in a family of non-readers – yet I love to read. My daughter loves books and the idea of reading but due to some challenges as she grew older and material became complex she does not enjoy reading as much anymore.

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    1. Hi 🙂 welcome to my blog! Unfortunately, it’s true how studies that negatively impact a person’s love for reading. I find it so hard to read text books sometimes even if my tests are the next day. But if you give me a book? I can even postpone eating!

      There are many search engines and blogs that recommend books. If your daughter or you wish to, start off small. Search for easy, light books (maybe P.G Woodhouse, if she likes comedy or Twilight, Narnia or Percy Jackson if she’s into that sort of thing.) I could also recommend some Manga (Comics) that are extremely wonderful to read. She can send me a mail using the contact form on my blog and we can chat. How old is your daughter by the way?

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