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The Great Divide – Day 12 [Blogging 101]

“The Great Divide” is today’s Daily Prompt given by the Daily Press and I have to write about what this phrase means to me.

Well since the prompt is book based, I can and would like to speak about the Great Divide between people who read and those who don’t.

On one hand, there are people who are in love with books. There are many variations in how much they love books but their passion cannot be ignored. They live and breathe books. They finish books quickly and are completely capable of re-reading books. They love paperback books. They love digital books too (some don’t actually but to me, books are books). They love reading books, reading about books and maybe even writing them. They may have a Pinterest board(s) for Books (like me) and maybe even a dedicated board for Reading nooks (like me)!

But on the other hand, there are those that can’t stand to read books. Reading assignments in school are torturous; they push themselves to the limit to get it done. They can count very easily, the names of the books they have read. They may only read books only if it really, really, really, really, really interests them. Even then, who knows if they’ll finish it or like it?!

For book lovers, one needs extra time to research gifts that they will love and appreciate…

People hope to find love as much in a book store as they do in bars…

But the greatest divide I think is one I don’t know how to bridge. This divide is the unfathomable concept of, depending on which side you are on, how book lovers can love books so much and how anti-book people can stand to not read a book/read as little as they do.

I have been stared at before like a lunatic when I suggest reading/buying a book. Do you have any ideas on how to bridge this divide? Have you tried and succeeded before? Or have your valiant attempts been for naught?

Thank you Daily Post Prompt.

See you soon!

Note: Most of the pictures embedded here are from my Pinterest board on books (no surprise there) called Bookish Secrets. Please check it out for book recommendations, books I’ve read and comics and funnies on books and book lovers.



7 thoughts on “The Great Divide – Day 12 [Blogging 101]

  1. I love this post, you’ve described this divide in great way, making the differences very clear, it’s well constructed and flows easily!
    I’ve tried to get a friend to read more with little luck – she says she will only read books by one particular author as their books are the only ones she feels she can really get into…I counter this with “if you don’t try any others, how will you know whether you would or would not like their books as well?” with no prevalence. We’ll figure it out someday (if you do before me, please let me know!).


      1. You’re not biased at all, I like your writing style. I’m glad someone agrees as she doesn’t think it’s worth it just in case she doesn’t like the new things.


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