[Blogging 101]

My Blogroll – Day 11 [Blogging 101]

A blogroll is a collection of links of Blogs that I follow, links that I like, etc. At least that’s what I understand it to be…

So for today’s effort to build a blogroll, I’ve put together a list of the blogs I follow in no particular order. All the blogs below are those I recommend for further reading so do check them out. I’ll soon make a dedicated page for blogs I follow.






You may notice that many of the blogs I follow are about Japan. That is because I love Japan. I love hearing new things about things in Japan; its culture, scenery, etc. Photography is another interest that I am trying to cultivate.

Yes I know there are a lot of links but so far, these are all the blogs I follow which is surprisingly a lot 🙂 If you have the time, do check them out.

See you tomorrow!



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