[Blogging 101]

Lost in culture- Day 9 [Blogging 101]

Write a post inspired by a comment written yesterday. I commented on a post about Jamaican proverbs and it brought upon one single thought… I can’t think of any Indian proverbs…

The post by Karen Taylor on Rosegardens and Thorns quizzed and spoke about 5 Jamaican proverbs in the native language. This was an extremely interesting post as I got an peek into the Jamaican life which I had never before heard about. It then made me want to write about some similar Indian proverbs but I couldn’t think of any…

I wonder if this is the reason but I (think I) belong to the generation of Westernized Indians. For all practical purposes, English is my ‘mother tongue’. I don’t know any Indian language other than English although that’s not an ‘Indian’ language strictly speaking. Proverbs are drawn and created from experiences extremely specific and localized to a region and country. They end up being framed and spoken in the local language as well.

Since I don’t know any Indian language, I am unfortunately, not too surprised that I don’t any proverbs other than those in English. Do you find yourself in this situation too? One where you feel more foreign at times than whatever your nationality is? I do. I can often relate myself more to Westerners although I’ve never been abroad (Thank you television!). But I am an Indian; it’s evident in the way I speak (I’m good at English but one can definitely notice the Indianization of the language).

There’s not much that one can do about this phenomenon except learn an Indian language and the culture that comes with it… I’m from Goa, India. Have you heard of  it? I’ve decided to learn my mother tongue Konkani. My featured image (above the title of this post) was taken by me at Dona Paula Bay, Goa. If you don’t want this phenomenon continuing, you too should start learning more of your mother tongue. If you already do, make sure you teach your kids it. Cultures cannot and should not be lost along with a language.

Quick question – What do you think of my title? Do you like the feeling of juxtaposition that it gives?

Note: The original Blogging U. task – Day 9 (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/101-commenting-part-two/)


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