[Blogging 101]

Being a good neighbour – Day 8 [Blogging 101]

Being a good neighbour is all about visiting peoples’ blogs and leaving comments. It’s a way of showing that you read their post and now have some thoughts about it that you would like to share/discuss with them. It’s what makes ‘the blogosphere go round”.

This is what Daily Post teaches in their task for Day 8 “Be a good neighbor’.

What do I think about this? Well I guess I agree. The feeling you get when you see the notification that someone has commented is wonderful and hate comments (I’m assuming) really get you down. Bloggers are pushed and motivated by the fact that people are reading their blog.

Yes, we can see the number of page views in the Stats bar but comments help us differentiate normal (and maybe even accidental) views from people who actually care so much as to actually comment!

Still, sometimes there are times when I don’t feel like writing a comment, even if I really liked the post.  In those cases, I ‘like’ the post. To me, ‘likes’ are as appreciated as comments (Readers, are you getting the hint? 😉 ) and so I do the same to others.

The task of the Day was to leave comments on sites we hadn’t commented on before. Instead of the standard 4 asked for, I only commented on two. Check them out if you’d like.

What do you think about commenting? Leave a comment below or fill in the Contact Form to send me a message privately.

See you tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Being a good neighbour – Day 8 [Blogging 101]

  1. Appreciate the kick in the backside about being more willing to offer feedback, encouragement and affirmation. After All, my faith says “do unto others…” Thanks!


  2. I like to leave comments because I like to receive them. There are times though when I read a blog and I’m not sure what I think… yet. I may need time to ponder or I’m not sure if I like it or don’t like it so I just leave it. But I’m always glad that I read it.


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