[Blogging 101]

Heading your blog – Day 7 [Blogging 101]

So when I first decided to add a header image to my blog, I couldn’t even decide if I wanted one.

Then I just went “Ah what heck.”

So I had trouble picking a picture that would look good in a 2000 x 200 size (because that was the recommended size) but I just couldn’t. I had pictures that looked ok (THANK YOU CREATIVE COMMONS!) and none looked right. I randomized it (Thank you Karen Taylor for telling me about this feature) and saved it.

But you know what? I realized (and I wished I’d realized this sooner) that one can upload a whole image to a blog without cropping it!

So that’s what I going to do. Ah the sense of relief…

But then it didn’t work. (I’m also writing this post as I try out the different headings). Correction to an above statement: one can upload a whole image to a blog without cropping it if you don’t mind your header looking a ‘little’ squashed.

I also tried putting my Featured Image as my background and I tried changing the background color of my blog. Long story short – I am very glad that there is an Undo button.

Anyway, I decided to stick with only a new header and here is the image I finally chose. Enjoy 🙂 (I just love how colorful it is!)

Colorful colors ^^

Photo Credit: My header is by Giulia Virgilio and my featured imaged is by bellevuefineart.com and I found them through the Creative Commons public image forum.

See you soon!



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