[Blogging 101]

A “Dream Reader” – Day 4 [Blogging 101]

Who is a “Dream Reader“? Well it is the best person to read your blog. They will identify and relate to your posts, understand them, like and follow them. Today’s Blogging 101 challenge is to write a post for that ideal person. But I don’t have one.

Yes I write with the intention that people will read them someday. But can I have an ideal reader, someone who will like and follow my writing, if I myself don’t know what I want to write about. What about the fact that I want to write about so many things that I don’t even know where to begin?

I’m going to write what I would like to. Eventually, I will figure out who my ideal reader(s) is(are). That is why I decided not to write about the prompt today. For now I will be patient and just write.



2 thoughts on “A “Dream Reader” – Day 4 [Blogging 101]

  1. Well, Joanne. You have an audience. Thousands of other writers like you who don’t even know what ‘audience’ really means and like you, are just feeling their way around. This demographic group are called newbie bloggers. Write to them. They at at the same stage of your blogging journey and can identify with your struggles, and the little victories as you discover something new about your writing platform and voice and even the frustrations of your blogging journey. So, don’t despair. You may not know it but you have already latched onto an audience. Keep vocalising your writing process and they’ll be with you on your journey. You’ll hear from them soon. I’m the first. If you have a question, shout me,Okay? You’ve already found my site, so there, follow me. we’re blogging pals now. I’m excited to begin following your journey.


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